Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kenya's Big Headache.School unrest

It is a crisis that grappled kenyan schools for the past two months ...runaway indiscipline that has led to a wave of violent strikes leaving a trail of destruction......

According to the kenya secondary school heads association,300 Secondary schools went on strike last month and the unrest continues amid growing fears and concerns.

At the centre of this storm, are parents who are being accused by the government itself for abdicating their responsibility as discipline enforcers.

with the unrest taking place only a few months after the post election violence....word abound that the trauma unleashed by the violence might be the cause...but even with that in mind,education permanent secretary karega mutahi says lack of discipline among the students is to blame..

Drug abuse is another vice attributed to the rising levels of indiscipline,parents again are being blamed for giving too much freedom to their children......

The Big Question ?

Who is to blame ?Who has failed? Should corporal punishment ban be lifted ?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coming Soon

After weeks of inactivity on this blog,apollomania blogspot will return soon ,giving you the platform to share your experiences on what's happening in your world and your opinion on daily global happenings.

Attention highly appreciated....